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Honest and Dependable

We pride ourselves on our service, we always deliver! Our staff will listen and will ensure that what you require will be done. If we see room for improvement we will contact you and advise that we can improve the required outcome.


We Are Always Improving

Advancing beyond. We are always researching new and better ways to improve our clients websites and we always keep up to date with the latest trends.


Our Business Network

We offer promotional emails or weekly newsletter services to our clients. If you make use of our services and we notice that your service can be used by one of our existing clients we will notify both parties of the potential opportunity!

WEBufi Email Services - Our email service is limited, WE DO NOT SEND SPAM EMAILS! We assist in sending newsletters and promotional emails to your current client base (Email addresses you supply us with). We are strongly against spam emails as we know that it is more of a nuisance than a real service!

Our Service Prices.

* Bandwidth - 5GB
* Email Letterhead
* imap / pop3

* Domain Registration R99.99 per year

* We will send a newsletter every 2 weeks.

* 5 Email Addresses - 5GB Bandwidth
* 5 personalised email footers.

* Domain Registration R99.00 per year 

* 4 Emails will be sent on a monthly basis (once a week)
* We will do research in your field to ensure the emails reaches the right audience.
* HTML embed email.


Contact Info

175 Dirk van der Hoff Street

Brakpan, 1541


+27 81 250 2280

Could not ask for a more professional website! Thank you Gideon

Kyle - Tank & Vessels


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